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Production of forage in the field

  • Production areas located in different areas in Turkey
  • Exclusive use of certified seeds from local varieties and
  • No use of organic or inorganic fertilizers, which are replaced by opportunely chosen crop rotations;
  • Intensive exploitation of the alfalfa field, with cutting at the flower bud vegetative stage;
  • No use of herbicides;
  • Limited pre-wilting of the forage in the field to avoid excessive loss of valuable fractions
  • Sun cruded





Yuksel company, located in Istanbul, works since 2010 in the  distributing of alfalfa dehydrated, Horse bedding. We have find a good chain of production to guarantee an high quality of the final product, in the respect of the physiological needs of the dairy cows with an high production of milk. 

YÜKYEM As one of the leading exporters of hay and straw products, YÜKYEM Hay ensures top quality delivered in a timely manner. With hundreds of thousands of tons of product going out every year, our reach is global. Our  Alfalfa hay, and straw forage products are known throughout the world. The majority of our product is export hay.

Producing top quality export hay is very important to us. We start with clean fields, harvested by the most experienced producers in the region, for a premium product to export. Our vendors and growers have the utmost pride in their industry and operate with the highest knowledge of production practices for hay and straw products.

YÜKYEM Hay has the highest standards in quality, and have established initiatives to accomplish top quality. We have traceability of all chemicals and pesticides applied to the fields, allowing us to ensure safe feed. We are also able to trace all of our product back to each field to know exactly how and when it was harvested. These practices ensure that our customers are getting the best product possible to meet their forage needs.

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