Benefits of beet pulp for horses:

Beet pulp is the source of digestible fiber and is a secondary product in the treatment of sugar beets, if the core of the beet is basically what remains after sugar extraction from sugar beet.
It is one of the most inexpensive feed supplementary to the horses' diet. Beet pulp in its energy content is similar to oats, but the difference is that the energy comes in the pulp of the beet from digestible fiber and not starch like oatmeal, making the beet pulp healthier.
The nutritional value of beet pulp: Beet pulp contains the same protein as good grass straw, with a protein content of 8 to 10% but higher in calories and high in calcium but at the same time does not contain any type of vitamins.
Because of its digestibility and ease of chewing, the pulp of the beet is a useful addition to the diet system for many horses, especially horses suffering from frequent colic or having dental problems.
Many commercial food companies add beet pulp to their feed so that their feed becomes full feed, providing all the fiber needed by the horse. This type of feed is ideal for horses that do not eat straw in large quantities or do not have the opportunity to graze continuously or the older horses or those suffering from Respiratory problems. .