Our wood shavings product is produced from clean, kiln dried softwoods ensuring a consistent high quality bedding product. The shavings offer excellent levels of absorption which keeps stables fresher and cleaner for longer. Finally the shavings have low moisture content, and as they are virtually dust free create a healthy environment for all stabled horses. In line with all out wood products the shavings are made from softwoods that have been sourced from sustainable forests and are totally biodegradable.

YÜKYEM Shavings offers you a 100% natural, dust free horse bedding developed and made specifically to help you keep your horse healthy, happy and comfortable in the stable. Since we began researching how to make the best bedding back in 1998, we’ve been on a mission to highlight why the right choice of bedding is so important to your horse’s health.

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Our Company is very well known in offering Saw Dust Pellet to our clients. Ability to give accurate performance for years makes our range one of the best. It has been developed in an accurate manner and could be availed in both customized and non customized options. This Saw Dust Pellet is based on innovative techniques and gives best performance even under various operating conditions. In addition to this, this Saw Dust Pellet is delivered in timely manner.


pellet sawdust

dust free shavings made specially for horses

Quality Animal Bedding

Benefits of Yüksel (YÜKYEM) Wood Shavings

  • Virtually dust free
  • Low moisture content
  • Highly absorbent
  • Additive and chemical free
  • Totally biodegradable
  • Highly compressed 23kg bales
  • Minimal storage space required
  • Baled between 9% and 12% moisture
  • Forms the perfect bed
  • No preparation required
  • Easy to use
  • Straightforward to muck out

Our sawdust product is produced from kiln dried softwoods to produce a fine dust based bedding product. The sawdust grains are screened to 3mm or less which ensure excellent absorbency and which result in dry and hygienic conditions. In line with all out wood products it is produced from virgin softwoods, from a sustainable source and is totally biodegradable.

We are a family-run business with 10 years’ experience in horse breeding / management and transportation. In 2010 we expanded into the Animal Bedding market and are now recognised as one of the most dependable cost-efficient distributors of high-quality wood shaving bedding in Ireland. Centrally based in Co. Longford, we are ideally situated to provide a fast efficient nationwide service to all our customers. Our primary focus is on the equine sector but we also provide a range of bedding products for cattle, poultry and niche sectors such as small pets.