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Alfalfa is a natural and healthy forage feed containing one of the best sources of concentrated proteins, vitamins and minerals. As Alfalfa is very digestive, it can also be used as an additional fodder for weak and recuperating animals. for more details,,,


You will find the latest information on this page. Our company is constantly developing and growing. We have a wide range of services. Our goal is to help everyone, the best solution ... For more details,,

YUKYEM (YUKSEL TRADING) located in İstanbul, works since 2009 in the production of alfalfa dehydrated, Maiz silage, Straw,  Horse beddings . We have find a good chain of production to guarantee an high quality of the final products.


Today we are a family company with more than 10 years of experience in the agricultural business. We started with 9 hectares of hereditary land and grew to more than 1 500 hectares in 3 villages in Turkey For more details,,,


Horse beddings (Wood Shavings)

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